Tara logoI hear so many Real Estate people say “I wish I just had more time” and “if only I just had an extra couple of hours in my day I would achieve so much more”. However we all know we are unable to change time and if we could would it really solve our problems?

No matter how organised we are there is only ever going to be 24 hours in a day.  So this is why it is so important to make sure we have a plan in place to manage what we do during the day. Many of us seem to have an addiction to becoming professional time wasters and tend to procrastinate during our daily routines. Do you find yourself spending time on activities that are meaningless to the outcome you are hoping to achieve at the end of the day? Have you ever considered keeping a daily a track record on the activities you completed?

A great example is emails I find that they can control our day if we allow them too. A lot of us have a 5 minute send/receive alarm set up in our email account. Imagine how productive your day would be if you checked you emails when you arrived in the morning, at lunch time and just before you go home.

In my many interactions with Business Development Managers I have found that most have problems prioritising their week. They often get caught up in activities that are non-income producing, leaving them vulnerable.

Are you finding that you are procrastinating during the day and not bringing in new business?

Are you running out of time each week to do the important BDM duties like prospecting?

Are you at risk of not meeting your BDM targets?

When you are implementing an ideal week into your daily routine too many people worry about how they will make it happen. You need to understand the best way to change is to have the mind set of starting with the end in mind.

During my time as a BDM I realised if I didn’t take control of my day it would control me and I would be dissatisfied with the outcome at the end of the month. After several months of missing my targets I started to see the importance of having an ideal week in place. By using this method I found myself focusing on the activities that had a positive effect on the overall growth of the department.

If you would like a FREE copy of my ideal week just send your email details to tara@bdmacademy.com.au. I encourage you to give it a go and start by trialling it for a month. You will be surprised at where you spend your time and how much time you do waste.

Tara Milzewski

BDM Academy



What makes a successful BDM: A successful BDM needs to be sales minded, have the ability to establish and maintain relationships with landlords and referral sources, understand the vision of the agency and provide direction for the entire Property Management Department.

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