Sell_More_Lead_More_Lease_More_Master_Version1.225x225-75The team at Sold Magazine have done it again with a fantastic new publication, built specifically for iPad which is now available in the iBookstore. It’s called “Sell More. Lease More. Lead More.” and contains all the best articles from Sold Magazine, Leased Annual and Principal Magazine for 2012 (including articles written by both myself and Richard at REJS!)

We had the opportunity to review the book this week and its a fantastic resource re-capping all of the best tips and articles of the year from the Sold team. There are more than 170 articles, the equivalent of 350 magazine pages (500 ebook pages). They have covered just about every real estate topic you can imagine, from prospecting and marketing, to social media and technology, running a real estate business, best practice in property management and much, much more. There are also plenty of case studies and real life stories along with tips from the experts like John McGrath, Chris Gray, Josh Phegan, Chris Gilmour and many many more.

If you are located in NSW you can also be assessed for CPD on study of this book, which goes to show the quality of the publication.

We highly recommend this as a professional resource no matter what your role or ambition, there are no ads this time, just quality content – Click on the link here to get your copy!



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