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Recently I had the pleasure of training in wonderful Cairns and I witnessed something that I simply thought was lost in the world of customer service. I was preparing my training session and the General Manager of the hotel come into the training room before it started and introduced herself to me. Now this is nothing new, as most business owners or managers do this, but it is what they did next that really impressed me. After we briefly spoke about my needs and her offer of assistance should I need it she proceeded to leave the room but stopped at the end of the room to look at a stack of plates we were to use for morning tea. She then carefully proceeded to inspect the quality of the plates for cleanliness, standard and quality, removing the chipped plates from the stack and arranged for replacements to be delivered. I say again, this was the General Manager of the hotel, not your everyday employee but one who prides herself of ensuring quality is met for every customer.

This experience got me thinking – “When was the last time your Principal or Department Manager reviewed the quality of your service?”

We all work in a service industry, dealing with one of the most important commodities a human being needs – Housing. But often we sadly sacrifice our quality for quantity, but do we really need to do this? For many Principals, an understanding of Property Management skills and attributes is not high on the list of business needs, and yet if could quite honestly be the defining point which measures the success or failure of the business. Here are some key areas to look at in your Property Management business.

• Communication pitfalls – it is not what your staff are saying that you should be worried about, it is what they are NOT saying. Ensure that you review your Property Management tasks weekly, contact your clients randomly, review the vacancies by calling the owners personally and ensuring your staff are keeping them updated. This will show your owners that you do have an interest in the whole business and not just sales.

• Randomly review your Properties under management – grab a rental list from Reception, get the keys and go have a look at the products you are presenting to the market with your brand behind it. Will you be happy with everything you see? Sometimes Property Managers become almost like robots in the reletting process and often overlook the image your brand has to the product you are promoting. By having a look at it for yourself, this could be your chance to offer suggestions or improvements to the owner, and imagine the power this has coming from the Principal!

• You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset. Tom Hopkins Need I say anymore other than by increasing your knowledge, skill and understanding of the Property Management process, you will be able to instil this virtue into your staff and improve in all areas of your business, not just a few. Training is the key to success.

So, the next time you walk out of your office to a lunch meeting or take an early mark, grab the rental list, park yourself down, have a look at the products and assets you have to offer the public and ask yourself – Can I sharpen the sword here?

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