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Tara logoYou can either start your day on-purpose, according to an ideal week you’ve set. Or you can play the role as BDM in your office by accident, reacting to the demands of new clients, landlords & your team members in the department. It is important to understand you must firstly take a proactive approach and not have a reactive approach to your day.

Think about the way you approached today and did you have a set plan in place with goals you wanted to achieve?

Sure, glitches that you have not considered will pop up unannounced and you can’t plan for everything. But it is a whole lot easier to accomplish income producing activities when you are proactive and begin you day with the end in mind.

The BDM Academy Ideal Week is designed to show you the week I would implement as a BDM if I could control 100% of my day. Each income producing activity is divided into a simple and easy to read chart. What I loved most about my Ideal Week is it was designed to ensure I focused on the activities that were important to me and my goals.

I suggest that you take the time to map out your own perfect week and if you would like a copy of my Ideal Week. Simply go to www.bdmacademy.com.au click on the contact us link and enter you contact information.

I have also found it helpful to give to my principal a copy, as it gave her a clear understanding of my day to day duties and expectations. If you are like me you will have a lot of trouble cramming everything you want to achieve for the week into the template. However, having an Ideal Week will better enable you to accomplish those things that matter most to your success.

Tara Milzewski

BDM Academy



What makes a successful BDM: A successful BDM needs to be sales minded, have the ability to establish and maintain relationships with landlords and referral sources, understand the vision of the agency and provide direction for the entire Property Management Department.



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