Tara logoAt a recent training session I was told by a principal how challenging it is to recruit successful and motivated BDM’s. The principal explained that they had hired experienced sales people in the past that had not performed well.  They then said that they tried training current staff in the sales approach with no real success.

The Question is are great sales people born or are they developed over time? The answer I believe both are possible.

Richard and Nikki Taylor from Real Estate Job Search provide recruitment services and advice to all Principals in the Real Estate Industry. We all believe that to succeed in this challenging area the Principal or Manager must first look for attitude, second for talent and then third for ability to learn and implement BDM techniques. All three are necessary for successful department growth.

Having the right Attitude: A BDM with the right attitude shows high self-confidence, takes responsibility, is optimistic, shows creativity, can both listen and communicate, understand the importance of continual learning, has a sense of urgency and is goal directed (rather than goal-oriented).

Having the talent: In the BDM role the most talented and successful performers have been the ones who were well researched during the interview process. If the BDM passes and has the right attitude, you would then investigate their natural talents. A great BDM is one who is never afraid to ask the tough questions and understand that no doesn’t mean no it means not right now. They are a personality type that is prepared to make the tough calls and get out of their comfort zone on a daily basis.

You must always remember past sales experience is irrelevant if the candidate does not have the right attitude, enough natural talent or understands the importance of implementation.

Finally learning and implementation: At the BDM Academy we provide quarterly events which give BDM’s the opportunity to refresh skills and techniques regularly and be surrounded by like minded people.

The next BDM Academy Club event will be held in Brisbane on the 09 April 2013. For more information call Tara on 0402 033 299 or email tara@bdmacademy.com.au 

Principals are you hiring BDM’s based on attitude, talent or past experience?

Recruiting and retaining high performing BDM’s does not need to be difficult.  However it does require specific Recruitment Strategies and Interview techniques  to locate these people. With these techniques in place or supported by external providers like Richard and Nikki Taylor  at Real Estate Jobs Search, top BDM’s can be found.  Principals can then see the Property Management Department prosper as the client relationships are developed and maintained by the BDM.


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