DYNAMIC duo Richard and Nikki Taylor arrived in Australia four years ago from New Zealand to start a new life and embrace the lifestyle benefits to be had from a more temperate climate; so naturally they chose Queensland!

With a strong combined background in recruitment and real estate, they decided to establish their own recruiting business – Real Estate Job Search (REJS), concentrating solely on real estate placements, thus carving a unique niche for themselves, and defining a point of difference from other recruitment businesses.

REJS is a boutique business that has quickly established itself as one of the major players in the recruitment of real estate personnel, with 85% of all their business now referral based, they must be doing something right!

“We genuinely care about the people we deal with, we are not just thinking of the next pay cheque, we are building a relationship with our clients – Real Estate Principals and job seekers,” said Director Nikki Taylor.

“There are many challenges faced by employers and prospective employees in the property industry, the high turnover of staff being the major issue.”

Richard_webNikki and Richard started their business in a challenging market, a market that was flatter and falling, after a robust seven years of high growth, yet this didn’t deter them, it motivated them to adapt to the change so they could not just survive, but thrive in a downturned market.

“What we noticed in particular when the market started to flatten out, there was less of a demand for Sales Managers and Personal Assistants, but more of a demand for Property Managers, as many Principals were starting to focus attention on this area of their business,” said Nikki.

“Property management used to be looked at as the poor cousin prior to the GFC, since then it has been the bread and butter of most Real Estate agencies with sales being the cream on the top…a slower market meant many owners were trying to build up their rent roll and increase revenue through a less exposed income stream.”

“Property Management is a stressful job, and as a result, there is a high staff turnover due to burn out and lack of understanding and/or appreciation for the workload and pressure that Property Managers face on a daily basis.”

Co-Director Richard reveals that the most common complaint from Property Managers and Administrators, is lack of appreciation.

“In many cases their work is appreciated by their Principals, it’s just that this is not communicated to them clearly, regularly and effectively, if at all” said Richard.

“Many Principals are reactive, meaning that they will act when they are responding to a stimulus, often it can be an external complaint, or it can be the resignation of a staff member – they panic and often make a decision on the run.”

“We have compelling evidence to suggest that staff retention can be maximised by: positive, clear communication; well structured training/mentoring systems; rewards for effort and monetary incentives.”

Richard says inadequate communication is one of the major reasons given by real estate personnel when asked why they left their last position, followed closely by poor or no training, mentoring and leadership.

“We make it our business to find out where the problems are, find solutions, and educate Principals and employees, in order to facilitate a harmonious and motivating work environment.”

Nikki says that one of the key advantages to using a service such as REJS, is that not only does it take the stress of finding the right candidate quickly out of the hands of the Principal or Office Manager, but REJS have a network of highly qualified candidates that they have already established a relationship with.

“We screen all applicants thoroughly, we have high standards and we don’t apologise for that,” said Nikki.

“Other than experience, we are looking at personal presentation, attitude and ambition.  We always perform thorough reference checks…it amazes me how many employers fail to contact the last place of work when they take someone on.”

REJS place real estate professionals in employment all over Australia, predominantly interviewing on Skype, so they get to see the person – hear their speaking manner, observe their body language, and of course, get a sense of their personal presentation.

“Technology is a great friend of ours,” says Nikki.

“We embrace social media and all its benefits to build up our profile and keep in touch with our growing network of candidates and clients alike.”

“As technology changes we educate ourselves to find out the benefits and keep on top of our game, after researching overseas to identify trends, we are happy to keep raising the bar a bit higher and higher and higher…”

Richard and Nikki have a fantastic (small) support team of people who assist them to continue to excel in their field.  When working, the REJS team are focused, motivated and energetic, they are passionate about their business, lucky and clever enough to have combined their skills with something they love to do.  When not working, you’ll find them cycling, enjoying a coffee at a cafe near you, or socialising with family and friends…a work/life balance?  They have nailed it.

Nikki Taylor – 0414 624 521 or email
Richard Taylor on 0414 581 472 or email

REJS Headquarters: 1300 219 522
Skype: rejs2011

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