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After arriving in QLD, I thought my new career was ahead of me and here I was in search of the best position QLD had to offer. Little did I know the challenges I was about to face.

With the help of a recruitment consultant, my resume was sent out to multiple clients who I thought at the time, could offer the right job for me and each position gave me that little bit of hope that they may be the right fit for me. Keeping in mind I had 8 years’ experience at all levels within Property Management up my sleeve. I thought walking into a position at a senior level was going to be easy, oh wasn’t I wrong.

With a couple of interviews under my belt, I was getting into the swing of how QLD operates and how each individual company recruits their potential employees. I must admit I think I should have been on the other side of the table conducting the interview considering the inexperience of some employers in this position. With techniques from “tell me who you are” to an hour and a half conversation about everything there is property and life experiences. I have also been through the 10min interview when you know you’re getting the brush off and a Director should know how to conduct an interview with prospective employee’s a lot better than they do.

Throughout this experience, I have discovered the realistic life of a person in search of a position in QLD. I have discovered employer’s love that you have extensive experience in all areas of Property Management, but are not willing to pay for this experience. I think employers need to understand that no matter your age whether your someone like me in their mid 20’s who has the experience that they require, to someone who is in their mid 50’s, age should be no barrier. Being a Property Manager is a stressful job and finding the right employer who can provide the support you require is hard to find.

If there is anything I have learnt from this experience, you need to be able to spot when your time is being wasted and ensuring you find the right job for you. If you strike out, keep going, as one door closes another one opens. Just remember an employer’s loss is another employer’s gain.

Article written by Lauren Mooring

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