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If you’ve been in business for more than five minutes, you already know that the best way for any self-employed professional to get clients is by referral. But the process of building sufficient word of mouth to produce the number of clients you need can seem daunting. You can count on some referrals from your existing clients and people who already know you, but that’s a fairly limited number. This is how REJS  like to work in their business by working with  referral’s.

We are wanting to continue to build  and  increase the size of our circle to include more people that are related to what we do as suppliers to Property Management.  In order to refer you business, people need to know, like, and trust you. They want to be sure that you will take good care of the clients they send you. For that, they’d like to be better acquainted than just hearing your name. That’s what we want to continue to do.  You see many of our candidates are coming from referrals.  A good source of our clients are now referrals.

Imagine that you had a group of 100 Property Management professional’s /suppliers who were willing to refer clients to you. Now, imagine further that this “circle of 100” were people whose own work put them in touch with your potential clients every day. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Building a Partnership / Referral programme no fees,  like this of your own may be easier than you think.

What the REJS team are looking for is likeminded business’s to be part of our very own Partnership / Referral Programme – NO FEES.

What will we offer:  Logo and direct link to your site on our REJS site that has traffic of approx. 350,000 hits per month.  A national audience and specialising in Real Estate professional’s looking for work.

How Much will it Cost:  No fees – we will want to hear from you and have you tell us why we would be interested to have you on our site, what can you offer our clients that relates to Property Management and in return you will add our logo and site link to your site.

What to do next: email:  or and send an email with the  Subject line – REJS Partnership /Referral Programme and send us an email and one of the directors will get back to you within 24 hours.  Please advise us of your service and website and how we can work together on referrals.

 Our site is:

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