Tip 1: Build a relationship with a Recruitment Specialist

As you know, I am a recruitment specialist and the first thing I would advise is to build a relationship with a damn good one.  Your recruitment specialist needs to be specifically specializing in Property Management, they need to understand the position in full. Know what your office wants, because  the office down the road will not be the same fit and culture, so your specialist needs to know what the fit for your office should be.

Tip 2: Stop trolling through resumes hoping to find that star from SEEK or job boards.

This is time wasting and unproductive. So many principals come to us after they have placed an advert on SEEK, gone through the resumes, and interviewed up to ten candidates. What would be more productive is staying focused on your own role and running the business. If Tip 1 is already established you shouldn’t need to go through Tip 2 at all.

Tip 3: Fill the Talent Pipeline – You ask me how?

Keep those relationships strong. If you have met previous property managers keep in touch. If you meet them via other forums or on Facebook or social media, keep a warm contact. You need to know when they are looking OR go back to Tip 1 and keep in touch with your specialist as they will know the movement of others and can be your third party to make contact when you are looking to employ someone.

Tip 4: Branding is just as important when you are looking for a Property Manager

We all ask why is the guy down the road or the local Property Management Specialist hiring AGAIN, they have had 4 adverts up recently looking for staff.  Yes this can be such a put off to other professionals in the Industry to constantly see adverts looking for staff.  If you are finding it difficult go back to Tip 1 and always remember a recruitment specialist shouldn’t need to use SEEK or job sites to find your next Property Manager,  they should have already built those relationships. That’s what we spend our days doing.

Tip 5: No Tip here really, just wanted to make sure you have read Tip 1 to Tip 4

and realize how important it really is to engage a specialist that does recruit in Property Management (see Tip 1), a specialist  that has access to local and interstate Senior Property Managers with experience and current state qualifications, a specialist with knowledge of the Industry and relationships with suppliers and partners in the Industry and a specialist with a database that keeps it’s clients and candidates up to date with weekly contact including articles, updates, news, jobs and featured candidates.

About The Author : Nikki Taylor REJS – As a founding Director of REJS, Nikki has extensive experience within the Recruitment and Real Estate Industries.

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