At REJS, we consistently see great benefits for companies when they have excellent systems and procedures in place. These workplaces are more organised and efficient, are happier environments and have a much higher staff retention rate. REJS bring you information below received from Real Estate Dynamics regarding PM Boss and how this can help you!

“PM BOSS is Australia’s only up-to-the-minute resource library helping thousands of Principals fine-tune and grow their Rent Roll businesses. Aside from being a ‘blueprint’ system for the Property Management department with state-specific procedures (currently in QLD & NSW), letters, checklists, forms and factsheets, PM BOSS provides resources dedicated to the undulating task of finding, training and keeping great Property Managers. The HR Module in PM BOSS provides job descriptions, skill tests, induction programs, checklists and many other resources to find and recruit only the best possible Property Management team for high performing Agencies.

A lack of great systems and procedures is often a top reason why a Property Manager will leave an Agency and thousands of Property Managers using PM BOSS regularly tell us how the resources contained in the HR Module of PM BOSS provided them with the confidence and support right from the start to feel part of a team with a clear and consistent set of systems and procedures in place for growth of both the business and its staff.

It would be naïve to think Property Management was not a transient industry so a substantial benefit of becoming a PM BOSS member is to significantly reduce the pain-points that all Rent Roll businesses have such as staff recruitment and compliance, so you can finally begin working on your business; not in it.

If you want to know how thousands of Rent Roll Business Owners across Australia have improved the culture and value of their Rent Roll using PM BOSS, give Real Estate Dynamics a call on 1800 734 596 or email for a free PM BOSS demonstration.”

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