We are expert Talent Specialists, recruiting nationwide. While we’ve grown astronomically we’re still, at heart, a boutique company, meaning each and every one of our clients gets the benefit of a personal service and a hands-on approach from our team.

With our own backgrounds firmly rooted in the property sector, as former business owners and property managers, we have an inherent understanding of the industry, and it was an easy decision to focus our service on uncovering talent and sourcing fantastic job opportunities within the Property Management sector. We avoid generic jobsites, where the scenario essentially involves throwing out a big net and hoping that you somehow snare the right candidate or opportunity, instead opting to promote positions and opportunities on those sites which are specific to the Real Estate industry. We also utilise Social Media, a forum that allows us to immediately connect with our target market, who by the very nature of the fact that they are following us makes them a captive, qualified audience. Our database of contacts is immense, having been painstakingly created over the years. It allows us to connect directly with appropriately qualified candidates, and ensures we have inside knowledge when fantastic opportunities arise.

Operating Australia-wide, we’ve catered our service to match the unique requirements of each state, and each area, understanding that different locations have different needs. We specialised in the Property Management side of the Industry, dedicating our time to learning the intricacies of the marketplace, developing a network of contacts, and refining our own processes so we can save you time, energy, and money when it comes time to recruit!

REJS Headquarters: 1300 219 522
Skype: rejs2011
Website: www.realestatejobssearch.com
Real Estate Jobs Search
“Recruitment Specialists for the Real Estate Industry”

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