A lot of people enjoy the feeling of being ‘headhunted’ – A form of flattery in the workplace letting you know that you are good at what you do and should you be considering a change now or in the future, there are opportunities available that could have your name written all over them!

REJS came across this outstanding blurb from a Recruitment Trainer on Headhunting and we think this a great way to look at it!

“For me headhunting is sexy. No waiting around for the best candidate in the market to pick up a phone and call you. It’s not ‘poaching’ or ‘stealing’. In over 20 years as a headhunter and recruitment trainer I have NEVER seen a headhunter walk into a company, put a target candidate into their bag and then walk out. I have never seen a headhunter use Jedi mind tricks or Jack Bauer CTU interrogation techniques to brainwash a candidate away from their current employer and into a new job. The best headhunters grab the world by its ears, taking the best opportunities and proactively put them in front of the people they really want to have listen. The best candidates ‘on the market’ respond to job adverts. The very best candidates ‘in the market’ get called by headhunters and are presented with good opportunities to consider. Very sexy, don’t you think?” – Roy Ripper – Ripper on Recruitment

Keep this in mind next time you get that call – Take it as a compliment and remember that you should never feel pressured by a headhunter. Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, creating a relationship now can pay dividends in the future – you never know when you’ll need the services of a headhunter, so creating rapport and getting to know them now can only be beneficial.

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