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REJS Featured Candidate for Melbourne
REJS Candidate Reference Number:  B0110
Location:  Melbourne and Northern Suburbs
Ideal Position: Property Manager – Senior Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $ 70K plus
A little about the candidate:  We just love to meet those fabulous enthusiastic candidates that tick all the boxes! My candidate has approximately 15 years experience in Property Management while working for only 3 agencies! You do the math! Loyalty and longevity is important to this candidate. They prefer to work within an organisation where they have an opportunity to establish long standing relationships with both landlords and tenants. They treat their portfolio as if it were their own business. Along with professionalism, knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, my candidate also displays a strong personal commitment to the industry by helping younger team members by developing a climate providing motivation, participation and opportunities for initiative. We are super excited to present this candidate and look forward to setting up meetings with their next potential employer.

REJS Featured Candidate for North Melbourne Suburbs
REJS Candidate Reference Number :  M1709
Location:  North Melbourne suburbs – Carlton to Craigieburn and surrounding suburbs
Ideal Position: Department Manager/Senior Property Manager/Team Leader
Salary Expectations: $ TBC
A little about the candidate:  This outstanding candidate has 13 years experience as a Senior Property Manager and has been with the same company for over  7 years, displaying loyalty, yet maintaining fresh enthusiasm.   He is a fully licenced agent, with proven experience in managing large teams, business development, portfolio management and rent role acquisitions. He continuously strives to improve client satisfaction and would be a powerful asset to any agency. Whether his next role is a Department Manager of a large team, or working alongside a Principal of a new agency, building the Property Management department and portfolio from scratch; is completely up to you! I am so excited to be working with this candidate and look forward to setting up his meetings to meet his next potential employer.

REJS Featured Candidate for Melbourne
REJS Candidate Reference Number : A2609
Location:  North East Suburbs of Melbourne – Preston/Ivanhoe/Templestowe
Ideal Position: Commercial/Industrial Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $ TBC
A little about the candidate:  Having gained extensive experience in her 6 years in residential real estate, my candidate would now love the opportunity to secure a long term position in the commercial/industrial sector.  She has achieved a high level of success in her last 4 years in residential Property Management and is now ready to explore new opportunities, techniques and methods gained in the Commercial/Industrial environment. She displays extraordinary enthusiasm, high energy and drive and shows eagerness and capacity to learn.   Don’t delay in contacting me! I am in the process of setting up meetings to introduce her, to her next potential employer.

REJS Featured Candidate for Melbourne Bayside
REJS Candidate Reference Number:  S1709
Location:  Melbourne Bayside – Rosebud to Portsea
Ideal Position:  Experienced Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $50 – $55 k plus
A little about the Candidate: This candidate has 13+ years in the real estate industry – 7 of those in Property Management. Currently working as a Property Manger collectively looking after a portfolio of 380 permanent and holiday rentals. She loves the relationships she forms with both her landlords and tenants and adores being a property manager. She would love the opportunity work in an office with a positive and friendly environment where she can establish great long term relationships with her clients.

REJS Featured Candidate Melbourne
REJS Candidate Reference Number : B1209
Location:  Melbourne CBD and North/Eastern suburbs
Ideal Position: Property Management Assistant/Leasing Consultant
Salary Expectations: $ 45K
A little about the candidate:  This candidate is ready for his next challenge! He has gained extensive experience in student housing, while working for a prominent Melbourne University. He speaks fluent Mandarin and English, displays consistent, logical and orderly thinking and can be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlines. He shows eagerness and capacity to learn and would thrive in a supportive team environment. We look forward to setting up his meetings to introduce him to his next potential employer.

Our candidates are not actively on SEEK or job searching in that way.  Here are some of our fabulous REJS candidates loyal to REJS and looking for THE job.

Contact the REJS Specialist – Katie Holmes – 0434 991 756 or 1300 219 522 or email katie@rejs.com.au.

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