Candidate: REJS Candidate 0110F
Location: Brisbane
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $45k to $55k plus

A little about the candidate: Here is the entrepreneurial candidate Property Manager that doesn’t clock watch, is a doer and just wants to get the job done. Fully licenced and in Property Management for just under 2 years. Knowledge of Console and all aspects of Property Management.

This is someone who has run his own business’s and ready to bring along his own life skills and knowledge.? Can manage a team and enjoys working with people. This is someone who will achieve the highest standard of excellence. Maintains high standards of professional attitude. This is one person who will maintain fresh enthusiasm, not get stressed and provide positive reinforcements to achieve results. After my initial meeting with this person he really will be a powerful asset to your office. It doesn’t need to be about how much experience its really about who can do the job along with a great attitude and work ethic.

Not actively on SEEK or job searching in that way. Here is one of our fabulous REJS candidates loyal to REJS and looking for THE job.

To meet this candidate contact the REJS Team Specialist Nikki Taylor on 1300 219 522 or 0414 624 521 or email nikki@rejs.com.au.

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