hire me lady

Candidate: REJS Candidate “L0410”
Location: Adelaide city & surrounding suburbs
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $50K +

A little about the candidate: This is our latest star to present to you, she has been involved in the industry as a property manager for nearly four years working for 3 separate companies, both here in Adelaide and also in NT.

She is capable of performing most tasks of a property manager excluding EOM and trust account work however she is prepared t learn these aspects and feels that she will be able to learn them quickly if required. Business development is also an area that she has an interest in as well so she really has the makings of a very good all rounder for your office.

During her time she has used Multi Array and REST software and is adaptable to any computer applications. Whilst starting her traineeship she also completed her Cert IV qualifications and this is still current today.

Living very close to the CBD we will consider most positions within a 25 minute drive in any direction, so you need to call me now.

To find out more contact Richard from REJS on 1300 219 522 or 0414 581 472 or email richard@rejs.com.au.

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