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The best way to generate sales leads and secure the business

The most common way to generate sales leads is through networking and from my experience it is also the most powerful. However networking doesn’t generate secured business it is the starting block into creating opportunities.

A person who goes to networking events and is given a lead and does not follow up is wasting their time. You need to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance. Yes you may make the call and they may say no or they may not be ready yet. But if you don’t keep in contact with them who will they call when they are ready? Who will they recommend to their friends or family when they need help?

Things to remember with a new lead:

• Make contact and record your conversation
• Ensure you ask for all contact information and don’t be afraid to ask how to spell their name. It would be very embarrassing if you sent them an email or letter and didn’t have the correct spelling. You could potentially loose the business!
• Then set a date on when you will contact them again and record what you will speak with them about next.
• Keep good notes of conversations to refer back to. For example, if they have just had a baby, recently married, just returned form a holiday or even had a birthday.
• Always have value added information available to provide your prospective clients.

Things to remember when speaking with a new lead:

• As mentioned above, know what you are going to speak with your client about. Don’t wing it!
• Make sure you are not distracted and you give the client your full attention.
• Know before you call what the goal is and have a plan in place to achieve it.
• Consider standing while talking on the phone and walking around. This will help to keep you focused on the conversation and you won’t potentially become sluggish in your chair.
• LISTEN! – make sure when the client is speaking that you are listening and taking in what they are saying. Too many people including myself can tend to think ahead to what they are going to say next. If you don’t listen you may miss an opportunity to close the deal.

I believe the old saying time is money is very true when you are networking. If you don’t complete the above steps and don’t follow up your potential clients you are wasting your time. Always make sure you are doing activities that are income producing and generate money for the business. Networking and follow ups are a guaranteed way of producing an ongoing income if you follow the above structure.

Article by Tara Bradbury – BDM Academy

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