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Candidate: REJS Candidate “K11200”
Location: Mandurah and surrounding suburbs
Ideal Position: Business Development Manager
Salary Expectations: $50K base +

A little about the candidate: If you are looking for a BDM that experience, professionalism, commitment, top presentation and the ability to get in and get the job done …… then read on.

This fantastic candidate has been in the industry for a reasonable period of time and during her career has been involved in most aspects of the industry. She has experienced most of what the industry has been able to throw at her and in the ten years she has carved out a very successful career as a BDM for property management.

Initially working in Perth before moving South to Mandurah about 5 years ago? this candidate has been constantly bringing in between 12 – 15 new managements each and every month so if you are looking for a true professional then look no further.

These candidates don’t come along very often so call me know to make a time for you to meet up.

REJS Featured Candidate for WA
Candidate: REJS Candidate “S2509”
Location: Perth CBD and Southern suburbs
Ideal Position: Senior Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $70K +

A little about the candidate: If you are looking for experience, professionalism, commitment, the ability to get in and get the job done …… then read on.

Our latest candidate has been involved in property management at all levels since the mid 1990’s and she has a wealth of experience and talent, predominantly working close to the CBD fringe and the Southern suburbs for the bulk of her career, she is happy to look at each opportunity as it arises.

During her career she has used many software programmes, the majority of these being REST and Gee Dee, however if you are using something different then she is very confident that she will be able to pick it up. Her ideal position could either be looking after a team or simply looking after a portfolio for you as she isn’t fazed by either. Along with her experience you will get end of month, mid month, disbursements, report compiling (if required) as well as all of the other duties you would expect form a PM in todays market.

During her time our candidate has been a top Property Manager and has won many awards during her very successful career and has been second to none.

To find out more contact Richard from REJS on 1300 219 522 or 0414 581 472 or email me at richard@rejs.com.au.

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