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In an ever-evolving industry, more and more recruitment specialists are turning to Social Media and other online advancements to attract talent and fill roles. But do these technological advancements mean the end of recruitment as we know it today, or do they need to be used simply as tools and integrated in to the framework of tried and true systems?

Clifton Baggerman of Real Estate Job Search, Australia’s leading Real Estate ‘Recruitment Specialists”, believes that while it is essential to continue to adapt and grow as new innovations arise, recruitment will always rely heavily on personal relationships and communication. “While talent-pool development and the use of social media to generate a database of prospective candidates is part of the picture”, says Clifton, “it is just that – a part of a larger picture.”

While companies that resist change will falter, the companies that can combine the latest tools and trends with good old-fashioned people skills will be the companies that thrive for years to come.” “If recruiting staff was as simple as placing a message on Facebook and waiting for a great candidate to post a reply, everyone would already be doing it”, he says. “But the fact of the matter is recruitment still relies on instinct, and the ability to tap in to both the employer’s unique requirements, and the genuine skills and abilities of the candidates. Casting your net as wide as possible on various Social Media platforms may give you a base to start with, but will not help you weed out the true star candidates from the also-rans.”

Having specialised in one particular industry (in this case Real Estate), Clifton is adamant that an innate ability to understand what a client really wants, and the skills to go in to the market place and find that ideal candidate, cannot be replaced by technology, a statement which is actually backed-up by Social Media practitioners.  “Any form of recruitment requires a relationship between two people, and communication is what will dictate the quality of that relationship”, says Graeme Uden of Social Media experts Word Circus. “What we have to say, and the value that provides to the community we’re speaking to (and hopefully attracting talent from) is the key. Merely being ‘online’ or present in the social media market place will not automatically give us a pool of the finest talent.”

So technological advancements, and innovations in the field of communications do give us new avenues to connect with people, but they have not changed the fundamentals of good, effective communication. People are not more easily won over because of today’s technology. They haven’t lost the ability to ask ‘what do I get from this?’ and they can still gauge the quality and integrity of a company or person (indeed, perhaps faster now than ever before).

So what we do have with today’s tools is the ability to connect quickly, and more efficiently, creatively, and powerfully with people in more meaningful conversations. What we haven’t got is a replacement for communication and relationship building.

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