hire me3REJS Candidate Reference Number: LVDR2302

Location:  Prefer Inner West but would consider other locations

Ideal Position: Commercial Property Manager

Real Estate Qualification in which State: NSW

Software: Proficient in Word Pro, and eager to learn your system

Salary Expectations:  $60K + Commissions

A little about the REJS Candidate:  A background in Commercial leasing and management, Law and Tour Management has given this Candidate the ability to see the big picture and learn new things quickly. He is a creative thinker and has gained the skills to explain complex issues in simple terms. With the natural curiosity to search and acquire relevant information, he has demonstrated calm collected and effective management in past positions. He has also demonstrated excellent negotiation skills and social ease which leads to developing effective relationships quickly.  His ideal position would be with a strong team or Principal as a mentor and leader. He can work independently while being loyal to the team and focusing on goals.

Call now if you are looking for a brilliant team member for you Commercial business. A Candidate who will gain your trust and bring great loyalty to the business.

To arrange a meeting contact the REJS Specialist: Lynnell Vohland phone: 1300 219 522 or 0477 009 939

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