hire me2REJS Candidate Reference Number: LVV1302

Location: South Sydney

Ideal Position: Property Manager

Real Estate Qualification in which State: NSW

Salary Expectations: $50K

Software Used: Macpro and RP Data. Being tech savvy he would pick up any program quickly.

A little about the REJS Candidate: Is your office on the lookout for a 3 years experienced Property Manager who has a passion for the industry? He is available for immediate start and would love to step into a friendly environment. Tech savvy and a quick learner he will hit the ground running Experiences in the full spectra of property management from trust account reconciling to maintenance he has also handled commercial properties. His last portfolio consisted of 260 properties with approx. 5% commercial.

This is the REJS candidates goal: To find and office where the team members are like family, with just an overall friendly atmosphere. And “To uphold and support the real estate industry in achieving its goals, through the application of my skills and an effective approach to problem solving on both an individual and a team based level ultimately bringing financial gain and strategic development to my employer.”

Not actively on SEEK or job searching in that way. Here is one of our fabulous REJS candidates loyal to REJS and looking for THE job.

To arrange a meeting contact the REJS Specialist: Lynnell Vohland lynnell@rejs.com.au or call 0477 009 939 or 1300 219 522



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