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REJS Candidate Reference Number: “RTL149”
Location: Bayside – Mornington to St Kilda

Ideal Position: Senior Property Manager
Salary Expectations: $55 – $60K +
Software Used: Console

A little about the REJS Candidate: Our latest REJS candidate commenced her career as an office administrator at the beginning of 2010 before moving quickly to a position as property manager. After 2 years with this company she moved on to become a senior portfolio manager and has handled all aspects of property management managing up to 180 properties without support.

She changed industries in late 2013 and has since realised that property management is her calling and is looking to re-enter the industry again. She is able to handle everything that a property manager has to handle and has stayed in touch with legislation, in her last position she was also involved in re-writing policy and procedure documents for the office. Other duties included being involved in mentoring, training and trouble shooting for her colleagues.

Since deciding to get back into the industry this candidate is looking for a position from Morningside to St Kilda and anywhere in between, is happy to look after a portfolio of up to 190 properties and will consider most opportunities that are available. She has used Console software previously however is very switched on and can pick up new program’s very quickly.

She also relishes the challenges that come with the territory of property management work and is looking forward to forming new relationships with your landlords and tenants.

So if you have an office that is located close to the suburbs mentioned above and are looking for that special person who is very hard working, very loyal and a fantastic property manager, then call me know and we can talk about getting a meeting set up.

Not actively on SEEK or job searching in that way, she is one of our fabulous candidates loyal to REJS and is looking for THE job.

REJS Specialist: Richard Taylor phone 0414 581 472 or 1300 219 522 or email richard@rejs.com.au.

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