hire-me-300x336REJS Candidate Reference Number: “RTV135”

Location: The city to Dandenong

Ideal Position: BDM

Salary Expectations: $ to be discussed

Software Used: Macpro, REST & Console

A little about the REJS Candidate:  This candidate has been in the industry for more than 20 years and during this time she has been involved in ALL aspects of Real Estate including – sales, property management, office ownership and is currenttly exceling in her latest position as a BDM locating residential properties.

She is currenttly bringing in over 18 properties per month with most months securing over 20. She is one of the hardest workers that we have met and also one of the smartest as she predominatly works on self genereated leads, has an excellent closing ratio and has an immense data base of contacts. By her own admission now she just wants to “get out there and grow someone else’s rent roll” what a dream candidate this is for you.

Using all her knowledge and expereince this candidate has the ability to be able to bring you in a new rent roll every year without the huge cost of buying it from someone else, and the managements are all handpicked so no rat bags to deal with!

She is on the lookout for a “fresh” approach and is happy to talk to most principals about what she has to offer you and how you can benefit from her experience in the market place today.

So if you have an office that is located anywhere from the City South down to Dandenong and in between and you are looking for a special BDM then we need to chat about getting you a meeting!


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