propertymanagerstarTip 1:  Build a relationship with a Recruitment Specialist

As recruitment specialists at REJS of course we would advise you to build a relationship with a damn good one! Your recruitment specialist needs to be specifically specializing in Property Management and they need to understand about you and your office fully. Having this knowledge about your office will allow them to always be on the lookout for you and when that special candidate “shows up” then you are the first person that they will call. Regardless if you are looking or not. This type of relationship is invaluable to both parties as the trust levels will build very quickly as the partnership grows over time, imagine having your “own” recruiter on tap 24/7, well almost!

Tip 2: Stop using on line job boards to locate talent

The time to put all of your faith into finding a star from a job board or other forms of advertising has come to an end! This can be a very unproductive and fruitless exercise that can chew up huge amounts of time and energy all to no avail. At REJS we get contacted on a regular basis by many principals who have gone through this process only to find that the quality that they had hoped to locate. They feel like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel and need to know how they can locate that real star talent that they are looking for – let’s face it no one wants to employ a dud do they. What might be a more productive use of time may be to stay focused on your own role and running the business and outsource to experts as required, remember if Tip 1 is already established you may not need to go to Tip 2 at all.

Tip 3:  Fill the Talent Pipeline – You ask me how?

We hear of so many principals and managers who don’t keep a data base of people that they have spoken to previously. They tend to just delete these people form the inbox and never contact them again. Imagine if you took the time to stay in contact with these people so that when the time came and you needed another team member all you would have to do is pick up the phone and make the calls. By talking this simple step (excel is a great tool if you don’t have a data base), it will allow you to keep those relationships strong as no one else will be doing what you are. If you have met previous property managers keep in touch, keep them on your list and touch base with them regularly, not to see if they will move but to keep the information flowing and the trust as well. If you meet them via social media forums keep a warm contact going as you will not know when they are going to be looking and they may contact you directly as you have taken the time to stay in touch – regularly! Failing this go back to Tip 1, keep in touch with your specialist as they will know what is happening in your location and if the relationship is strong with you can always act as a third party to make contact when you are looking to employ someone.

Tip 4:   Branding is just as important when you are looking for a Property Manager

You know you have seen it before and ask yourself why “the guy down the road is hiring AGAIN”, they have had 4 adverts running recently looking for staff. Yes this is a put off to the professional property managers who are potentially looking and they see this as your brand. This will send the wrong message for you as it will show instability and/or poor management. Branding is sometimes not about the colour of your group or shop front but how your company is viewed by others in the industry and whilst this may not seem important most of the time when you put your hiring hat on, guess what, it all comes home to roost. If you are finding it difficult go back to Tip 1 and always remember a recruitment specialist shouldn’t need to use job sites to find your next Property Manager. If they are good at what they do, they will have already relationships with potential candidates in your market place. That’s what the REJS team spends their days doing, talking to people finding out what they want and then trying to find it for them, both clients and candidates alike. Remember that everyone talks about the revolving door at the competition. When you are looking for team members make sure that this is not the impression that others in the industry have of your company.

Tip 5: No Tip here really!

We just wanted to make sure you have read Tip 1 – Tip 4 and realize how important it really is to engage a specialist that does recruit in Property Management (see Tip 1), a specialist that has access to local and interstate Property Management stars with experience, current state qualifications and attitudes that match what you are looking for. These guys will also have knowledge of the Industry and relationships with suppliers and partners in the Industry, a database that keeps its clients and candidates up to date with weekly contact including articles, updates, news, jobs and featured candidates. Yes while all of this sounds like good common sense there are very few recruiters that do this as well, luckily at REJS we do know the importance of this and work hard each day to achieve the best results for our clients and candidates alike.

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