hire me3REJS Featured Candidate – Property Manager – New South Wales  
REJS Candidate Reference Number: LVCP1203
Location:  Inner City and surrounding area
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Real Estate Qualification in which State: NSW
Software: REST and Filesmart
Salary Expectations: $55K+

A little about the REJS Candidate:  With 2 years experience in a real estate office and 15 months as a property manager this candidate is now looking for scope to further develop, learn and gain experience within the industry.

She has a long term vision of being one of the best in the industry and is working hard to reach this goal. She is currently managing a portfolio of high end properties, has a real attention to detail and loves procedures and processes. With passion, hard work and perseverance there is no doubt that she would be a great asset in your office.

She was a Youth Ambassador in 2009 and still continues to be very involved in volunteer and community projects, both large and small.

To arrange a meeting contact the REJS Specialist: Lynnell Vohland phone: 1300 219 522 or 0477 009 939

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