hire meREJS Candidate Reference Number: “RTG2003”
Location: Bayside
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Software: REST
Salary Expectations: $45K – $55K

A little about the candidate: Here is an excellent candidate to present to you with just a little over 18 months experience as a property manager. During this time they have been involved in all aspects of property management and can perform all duties that you would want from your next team member.

With a previous background in customer service, this candidate knows how to “talk” to people from all walks of life and has successfully brought these skills into property management as well. Some of these have seen them convert potential managements into actual business as well as being able to handle conflict issues as and when they arise.

Living in the bayside area for some time has also helped as the local knowledge has proved invaluable in assisting both tenants and landlords in making the right decision each time. Colleagues have said that this candidate would be one of the hardest working property managers’ in the area, always making sure that the job gets done before going home and treating each transaction as if it where there own property.

If you have an office in the general bayside area, even close to the city fringes, and are looking for someone with a great skill set, attitude and work ethic, then perhaps I need to arrange a meeting for you. If so call Richard on the number below.

REJS Specialist Name and Contact Details: Richard Taylor 0414 581 472 or 1300 219 522

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