hire me 4REJS Featured Candidate – Property Manager – Western Australia
REJS Candidate Reference Number: CB123
Location: Gosnell’s
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Real Estate Qualification in which State: WA Licence
Software: Gee Dee, Rest, Console, Manage Ezy
Salary Expectations: 65K +

A little about the REJS Candidate: After interviewing this excellent candidate, I was impressed with her high level of professionalism and presentation. You will also not be let down with this candidate’s knowledge of real estate as she has been in the industry for nearly 12 years.

This Candidate is a straight shooter who works great in a team environment and she is easy to get along with. With a short term goal of buying her second property, you will find that she lives and breathes property and will be a real asset to the next clever principal who chooses to have her on their team.

If your office is within 40 minutes from the general Gosnells’ area and you are looking for a hard working dedicated employee, then this could be the candidate for you, call me as I can set up a meeting for you.

REJS Specialist Name: Clifton Baggerman phone 0488 075 499 or 1300 219 522

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