expertsA property manager is typically in charge of conducting all business-related duties involved with rental properties. A property manager is responsible for working with Real Estate agents, landlords and tenants; all aspects of leasing a residential, industrial or commercial property; maintenance of the property and its grounds; keeping all financial records for a property, and marketing a property to ensure full capacity.

Nikki Taylor at REJS asked the experts, the Property Managers themselves  – What is the BEST part of being a Property Manager.  Firstly Nikki would like to thank the Property Managers for sharing their positive thoughts on their current role as a Property Manager here in Australia.

Danielle – Residential Property Manager – No two days are ever the same; the work day just disappears; even though compliments and appreciation from tenants and owners is minimal, when it does happen it makes it all worthwhile; love it when a property and tenant ‘fits’

Kathryn –  Residential Property Manager – The diversity. You meet people from all walks of life and there is something good about helping them and building a successful relationship with them all. I also like how much I learn. I’ve learned so much about people but also about plumbing and air-conditioners and electrics – just these random things you pick up along the way. I (mostly) love my job and I couldn’t imagine any other job with the opportunities we have and the diversity we work with. I would be bored in anything else.

Melanie –  Residential Property Manager – walking away from conflict resolution thinking to myself “I have just educated three people, The two parties and myself” Win – Win

Debra – Residential Property Manager – Marrying the right people to the right property

Georgie – Residential Property Manager – Challenge and a different day every day.

Candice – Residential Property Manager – I love the dynamic environment and variety each day brings. The best part of working in real estate is being given freedom to work the  way I want, and the reward of seeing a happy landlord at the end of the day. When they get the result they’re hoping for; that’s really satisfying. Next best thing, is having an appreciative tenant. If I do my job correctly, the tenants are happy and complementary.

My biggest thanks to the above Property Managers for sharing their thoughts on what is the BEST part of their current role as a Property Manager.

Nikki Taylor – REJS Director

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