Any questions ?This is a rewritten version of Allex Malley’s article “You’re Hired! Five Questions to Ask at an Interview.” Take note that some important statements are quoted word for word to preserve every idea from the original text.

Finding a job is not an easy thing to accomplish. First, you look for job openings then furnish your potential employer with an excellent resume. Once your employer calls for an interview, it’s your time to make a good first impression about yourself. Now imagine yourself being interviewed by the manager. The interview seems to run very smoothly and is about to end. Then the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” What is your answer? To help you really impress your potential employer, take a look at these five questions that you can ask in your interview.

What do you expect me to accomplish in the first two to three months? In most workplace settings, new hires are not usually expected to be incredibly productive for the first three months. These months serve as training and probationary period. By asking such question, you are actually demonstrating your eagerness to immediately work hard and become productive as an employee of the organisation.

What does a top performer look like in your team? This question shows that you want to develop a long-term commitment with the organisation. Employers are more interested in people who are willing to stay in the organisation. Furthermore, it gives you a glimpse about how much effort and work is needed to become a top performer. For example, top performers are those who stay until 10 p.m. each night. Try to fit yourself in this picture and then ask: “Will I be able to handle this kind of pressure?” Your answer to this question will tell whether or not you fit to the organisation.

What really drives results for this organisation? When you ask this question, you are conveying a sense of concern toward the company as a whole and you are thinking of ways to contribute to its success. It shows that you are really interested in sharing your skills and talents for the betterment of the organisation. If your employer is successful, so are you in the long run.

What is the culture like in your team? It is important to have a reasonable chance of fitting in with the other members of the organisation most especially with your team members. Everyone wants to work in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, not in torturous one. Remember, you will be spending at least eight hours working with these people everyday.

How does the company deal with…? Every business faces challenges- threat from competitors, technological changes and instability of the economy. This is the opportunity to show to the employer that you are aware about certain issues faced by the organisation. It will be good to highlight one area of concern. His response will help you learn more about the stability of the company and how they conduct themselves in the marketplace. Of course, you want to ensure you share similar values with your employer. Say for example, the organisation uses aggressive approach against its competitors. If you do not agree with its style, it will be hard for you to stay long in your role.

You may not be able to ask all of these questions in your interview.  That’s why advance preparation is needed, understand and take to heart the implications of each question. Choose the question that is likely to merit the attention of the interviewer as of the moment. By asking these questions skilfully, you are demonstrating qualities such as thoughtfulness and maturity which will surely increase your chances of success.

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