steppingstoneReal Estate Job Search (REJS) and Real Estate Precinct are in full support of Stepping Stone Club House’s advocacy to assist and support mentally challenged adults through a fundraising project. Nikki Taylor, one of REJS’s directors reached out to Shannon of Stepping Stone Club House to ask what this amazing group of people need.

Below is Shannon’s reply:

I have spoken with the different areas within our Clubhouse to confirm details of the most urgent items on our wish list. The most tangible items are things that our Hospitality unit needs for our café and kitchen. This unit engages our members daily in preparing lunch and running our café, which makes snacks and coffees. This unit is always full of people wanting to learn these skills in a supportive environment.  The Hospitality unit is in desperate need of several items of new equipment as outlined below:

1. A new set of knives for the kitchen and a new set for the cafe (food preparation knives of different shapes and sizes (REJS and Real Estate Precinct (REP) will locate these on the weekend)
2. An extra- large pot for cooking (approximately 60-70cm in diameter and 60-70cm high – available at commercial hospitality stores) Donation required
3. A new fridge (approximately 300-400L, the same as a household fridge) – ours died last week and we don’t have the money to replace it, and we use this in the kitchen for food storage. (REJS, REP & STEPPING STONE SAY OUR BIGGEST THANK YOU TO E-PROPERTY RENTALS – CHRIS AND ERIN GORDON FOR DONATING TO STEPPING STONE A BRAND NEW FRIDGE!)  
4. Two i-pads /Tablets – our Hospitality unit only has a couple of computers, most of which don’t always work properly.  These computers are located in a back office and it can be difficult for the staff and members working in the café to access them when needed.  The I pads /tablets would mean that one could be available in the café and one in the kitchen, so members could look up recipes for cooking instead of having to leave the unit and find and print one.   (Donation of these required ASAP)

Any of these items would be an incredible and generous contribution to their Hospitality unit and would assist our members in building their skills and confidence.

REJS and Real Estate Precinct would really appreciate your cooperation and support to this project. Your donation will help hundreds of adults with mental illnesses rebuild their confidence, stamina, social and vocational skills. Let us help them regain themselves and build their dreams.

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