hire me 4Featured Candidate – Sydney
Candidate Reference Number: NTT1505
Location:  Sydney – NSW –CBD and North
Ideal Position: Property Manager – Residential – Commercial – Business Development
Salary Expectations:  $45K +  

A little about the REJS Candidate: Stunning presentation with a candidate working towards her Property Economics Bachelor of Business. She requires one day a week for lectures (TUESDAYS) and can work all other days of the week!

She has built an outstanding strong network of professional networks within the Property industry and you will not be disappointed when you meet with this candidate and what she can offer.

Sales as a BDM will be her preferred option and this is a candidate that understands networking and relationships. She has no issues to work Saturdays to allow her Tuesdays for lectures. This candidate will be an absolute investment and ambassador for your organisation.

Contact: Nikki Taylor on 0414 624 521 or 1300 219 522

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