hire-me5Featured Candidate – Queensland
Candidate Reference Number: NTJ2602
Location: Gold Coast
Ideal Position: Property Manager/Office Manager
Software Used: Console & REST
Salary Expectations: $45K – $55K +

A little about the REJS Candidate: It is a pleasure to offer you a candidate with 9 years experience. Someone who is very well organised and has the ability to step in to a role where she can take on all the administration support, assist the team of Property Managers, manage the office, all while taking the phones if that’s what is needed.

I love to meet candidates that have that CAN DO attitude and no matter what – will step in and do what it takes to get the job done. This candidate has experience in Console and Rest, accounts and all aspects of Property Management. She recognises the important roles of responsibility, authority and accountability.

She is someone that inspires the cooperation and confidence of others. Call me to arrange a meeting today with this candidate and she is available to start immediately.  This is someone who can run a portfolio, go task base and support a team. Seriously she is ready to take it all on, you decide if you want a CAN DO person in your office now.

Contact: Nikki Taylor on 0414 624 521  or 1300 219 522

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