hireme_picAre you hiring now? – Property Manager – Brisbane
Reference Number: NTT0305
Software Used: Console and Rest
Salary Expectations:  $50K – $55K +

A little about the REJS Candidate: What a fabulous professional Senior Property Manager to present to you! With over 7 years experience in Property Management, she is now relocating back to Brisbane from North Queensland in the next two weeks.

During her career, she has working in both Task based and Portfolio based offices and has a full understanding of all duties required to be of value to a principal. She not only presents well but also is very confident in her ability to be able to get in and get the job done.

The software packages used to date are REST and Console; however, if you have a different product, she is comfortable in being able to use this as well. With her professional attitude, she is looking for a Senior Position with a June start as she will be back in Brisbane early June.

I look forward to creating a meeting ASAP as this candidate will not last – I can see job offers coming her way.

Contact: Nikki Taylor on 0414 624 521 or 1300 219 522

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