hire meREJS Featured Candidate – Senior Property Manager – New South Wales  
REJS Candidate Reference Number: LVJC2804
Location:  Newcastle Area
Ideal Position: Senior Property Manager
Real Estate Qualification in which State: NSW
Software: REST
Salary Expectations: $55k+

A little about the REJS Candidate: This candidate loves the challenge of bringing the arrears under control and keeping them there and has experienced the buzz of being in a team with 0% vacancies in a portfolio of over 300 properties!

Do you need an experienced property manager that not only has a passion for the industry but thrives on getting the numbers right? With a client relationship focus she is willing to go the extra mile to keep her owners tenants informed and excited about the services she offers.

She is happy to manage a portfolio of properties or if you require someone to handle the accounts side of the portfolio then this is the candidate for you.

This candidate loves the challenge of all facets of the industry and would even consider a 4 day a week position if this is what was on offer, really a flexible candidate to present to you.

Let me know what you may have to offer this candidate and let’s get a meeting arranged today!

To arrange a meeting contact the REJS Specialist: Nikki Taylor 1300 219 522

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