hire me2Featured Candidate – Victoria
Candidate Reference Number: RTB123
Location: North – Western Suburbs
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Software Used: Console
Salary Expectations: $55K – $60K +

A little about the candidate: For the last 18 months, this candidate has not only been a top performing property manager but also has been performing BDM duties (70 – 80% success rate) and training and mentoring as well!

He has previously been in residential sales for 5 years prior to that so he really knows his way around a real estate office. Following our meeting yesterday, he has expressed a desire to be working closer to home, currently travelling more than 45 minutes to and from work each way. He would love to be closer to home, St Albans.

He is very approachable, has an excellent outlook on life as well as an awesome attitude and will be a real asset for any office that expects and appreciates an honest days effort form their team members.

If you have an office that is located within reasonably close proximity to the general St Albans area, are looking to add an additional team member that “gets it” and need them now, please contact Richard to discuss further.

Contact: Richard Taylor 0414 581 472 or 1300 219 522

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