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hire-me5Featured Candidate – Melbourne
Reference Number: RTM176
Location: Bayside location
Ideal Position: Property Manager
Software Used: RESY & Tenacity
Salary Expectations: $55K – $60K +

A little about the candidate: With nearly 4 years experience as a property manager in Melbourne, our latest candidate is looking to make the next move to get closer to home. She has been involved and experienced all aspects of property management in her time and has recently been managing a portfolio of over 170 properties form an end to end basis.

Being a local in the area as well, she knows and understands the Bayside people and locations and is keen to find the RIGHT office to work from rather than just any office. She has a real passion for the industry as well as people and property and really strives to do the right thing ethically and morally in every situation that she encounters.

This is one very articulate and immaculate property manager who is very professional, hardworking and loyal. If you have an office that is in the general Bayside area location and are currently on the search for a fantastic PM, then you need to meet with this candidate.

Contact: Richard Taylor 0414 581 472 or 1300 219 522

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