rejspicREJS is having a sterling year.

They’ve got in-the-field real estate experience, a highly-visited web site, and perhaps most significantly they’re changing the face of property management recruitment.

But what might be the biggest indication that REJS has arrived — and not in a look-at-me sort of way, but a real-thing sort of way, is the results they’re achieving for talent-starved Principals all over the country.

Putting an ad on is always a touchy subject. Principals are lead to believe it’s an easy process – that they’ll be flooded with applications from brilliant property managers. But in reality that rarely happens and as a result time can be wasted. And in the meantime, their lucrative and vital property management department may be falling apart! Landlords can end up walking and the staff that are left can’t handle the overload.

And that’s why REJS has become the most talked about recruiter in the property management industry.

Their 5 step system to matching you with a property manager is second to none.

  • They respond promptly to all communications via phone, text, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • They effortlessly qualify your criteria and will only supply candidates who are a high match, and will never waste your time
  • Their lines of communication are always open, they keep searching until your ideal candidate is located. Outside regular hours, they’re still replying to your concerns and questions
  • It’s a highly personalised experience. No generic job sites are utilised, resulting in premium candidates for you.
  • As a result of their international social media presence, REJS has naturally built an enormous following that benefits their clients.

Their free salary site with valuable content is also highly monitored by principals to ensure longevity of property managers.

Finding a property manager by yourself is akin to a vendor selling their own home. There are too many skills required.

Maybe it’s time to call REJS after all what have you got to lose?

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