nikki and rich B &  W stepsIt’s no secret that our Property Management Industry has a massively high ‘churn’ rate of Property Managers.  Look at any job website around Australia and you’ll see hundreds of positions available for Property Managers every day.

Richard and Nikki Taylor own Real Estate Job Search, a leading national recruitment company that places many Property Managers into Agencies. Richard and Nikki hear their stories and know what Property Managers want in terms of employment.

During this session, we interviewed Nikki and Richard and ask them some frank questions such as:

  • When Property Managers come to you looking for a position, what are the most important?
  • Wants and needs they have from an employer and a company?
  • What wages do you see in different states?
  • How important are wages in the decision making process for Property Managers?
  • In your opinion, why do most Property Managers leave an employer or a company?
  • What do you see that’s changing right now in Property Management recruitment?
  • What should Agencies do to get the right people and keep them for many years?

If you’d like to learn more about recruiting and keeping winners, we’d love to have you watch this session.

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