richard B & WThe emerging trends in June for the majority of Australia seem to be very similar in most states; however, I am only going to generalise here for most of the country, each specialist will make specific comments about the state that they are working in.

Having researched what is emerging for the bulk of the states, there seems to be a big rise in three particular areas of property management. These are leasing agents/consultants, the increased rise of agencies looking for BDM/BDO’s to increase rent rolls and the use of “outsourcing” for areas like PCR’s, administration tasks and in some cases taking calls for initial enquiries.

The latter of the three I find quite intriguing as the “virtual” model is something that we have pushed at REJS for over 5 years now. Why not use outsourced labour for some of the tasks that can be performed effectively by others freeing up your best resources i.e. property managers to perform the duties that make your agency money i.e. keeping the landlords and tenants happy!

These are what I have noticed as the main trends for the last few months actually. If you want to talk about these, I am more than happy to discuss these aspects with you anytime, call 1300 219 5622.

Richard Taylor – Director REJS – Real Estate Jobs Search

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