Emily b & WOver the past month there have been a few changes which have been noticed by not only me but also property management professionals.

The numbers of BDM positions available has nearly doubled as Real estate agencies are looking for stars to assist in growth for the company’s rent roll. Many of these new roles will not come with an active portfolio either, purely business growth positions.

Clients who are presented with a quality candidate, that have experience, are well versed in property management and can get in and do the job are being offered jobs very quickly, the days of second and third interviews are disappearing very quickly!

There is now an overwhelming amount of companies wanting professionals for assistant/leasing roles as portfolio sizes continue to grow.

Around 50% of clients I speak to already know exactly what they are willing to pay their new employees; however, the other 50% are posing the question of, “can you help in any way so that I know what I should be paying the new employee”. That is excellent and shows that more business owners are considering salary and want to be kept up to date with industry averages.

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