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This article was published on June 11, 2014 in the Global Recruiter Magazine and was written by Karen Hutton of Agent Brand Co.

To start and establish a recruitment business from scratch in a whole new country requires skill, courage and determination. Only those who possess this rare talent can successfully take up the challenge. Such was the case of Nikki and Richard Taylor of Real Estate Jobs Search also known as REJS. With a background in assisting professionals finding their dream job, Nikki and Richard made the strategic decision to niche their business in the field of Property Management within the real estate industry.

What prompted Nikki and Richard to enter the recruitment business? For one, they observed that today’s real estate principals are too busy selling, managing, coaching staff and dealing with all the intricacies of running an office. This prevents the principals from making the necessary time to create and place a well-received ad, scrutinize the applications, conduct interviews and follow-up chats as well as the hand-holding after their new Property Manager starts. If the situation is left unaddressed, then the business will most probably suffer in the long run. In addition, they noted that principals are very much concerned about staff retention, particularly regarding time costs associated with hiring a new property manager where in some areas, there’s a distinct talent shortage. Savvy managers are also interested in excellent property managers. Why? Of course, this type of people means cash-flow stability to the organisation.

With Nikki and Richard Taylor’s brainchild, real estate principals can now be helped in dealing with these important issues. Now, Nikki and Richard lead a growing team of dedicated professionals supporting both the Australian and New Zealand market places. It’s a three-step process which integrates technology, organic-relationship-building and an unrivalled follow-up system.

There are three factors of critical importance that is involved in the three-step process. First are personal connections coming from the network-building which is achieved through a clever social media presence, as well as face-to-face contact both in person and via video links whenever necessary. The second one involves unique marketing to principals who are searching for property management talent. This stage is considered as the most critical in the process wherein all REJS candidates go through a thorough and comprehensive interview process prior to being presented to any REJS clients. Lastly, Nikki and Richard believe that access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape decisions, so they created a portal described as the go-to source for info and education for principals on all aspects of the business.

According to Karen Hutton, Real Estate Content Marketing Consultant, there are two approaches to real estate marketing, one is information poor and the other is information rich. As the first factor in the three-step process formulated by Nikki and Richard, Karen says that great content, great ideas, great insights, great personal connection is needed to attain success in the industry.

REJS also offers a value-added service toward the property managers and the busy principals. The property managers that have been placed by REJS have the additional benefit of receiving ongoing mentoring and candidate care from the entire REJS team; they’re not left unaided as in a commonplace work situation. Definitely, this vastly different approach gives principals a good incentive. For example, a placement that was made four years ago in Queensland for a property management position with a ‘time-poor’ principal, is now that principal’s general manager.

As a passionate believer in being hands-on and dynamically responsive to her client’s needs, Nikki declares, “Its stories like this one that just motivate us so much to find the perfect candidate for our clients.”

REJS has distinguished themselves as sophisticated industry leaders through their unique combination of an innate understanding of recruitment as well as insider real estate knowledge with Richard who owned and operated his own agency in New Zealand for many years. The most important of all is their intention- that is to create a business that would grow to meet the demands of the market, yet never outgrow an inaugural philosophy for meeting the uniquely individual concerns of each client. From the perspective of the candidates they place, it’s a smoother ride too.

“From start to finish the process by far surpassed my expectations,” says a recent competitor for placement with an inner-city boutique agency.

“I thought Nikki and Richard’s highly selective method would be daunting, but they were incredibly informative and professional, and when I got that call, ‘Honey, you got the job,’ I was beyond thrilled. Better still, the ongoing mentoring with Nikki is the pièce de résistance of the process.”

REJS has now established the enviable position of being the ‘go-to’ people when it comes to locating a new property manager. Their ‘niche-specialist’ approach comes with a deserved reputation. Proof to this is the many national companies who have sought out the advice of Nikki and Richard on salary and bonus levels. Moreover, they’ve appeared as guest speakers on many industry marketing and educational videos.

Unearthing ‘hard-to-locate’ talent at the same time instilling agency owners with peace of mind are just what REJS skilled at and it’s what they love to do.

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