share_bubble-150@2Share with us what is happening in your office around Australia and NZ in a summarised paragraph below and email to the REJS team.

Google seems to remain the undisputed king of employee perks with a vast array of free food choices cooked by professional chefs, in addition to oil changes and car washes, massages and yoga, a play room, child care assistance and concierge service.

Deloitte offers employees sabbatical programs of up to four unpaid weeks off for any reason, or three to six months off, partially paid, to pursue career-enhancing opportunities.

Discovery Communications offers free classes and events such as African dance classes, chocolate-making lessons, water colour painting, fly-fishing and improve seminars, in addition to an in-house wellness centre offering primary care doctors and a pharmacy.

And finally, Facebook offers free transportation to and from work, free meals, a company gym, an onsite candy shop and free bike repair.

What is happening in your office? Nikki at REJS  will create an article once we collect details around Australia. 

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