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toolsOriginal article written by Becky Meyer from Aceptor.

Looking for a new job isn’t always easy. From preparing your resume, to applying for jobs, filling out countless forms and paperwork, showing up to interview after interview, only to get no response in return. It can all be a little deflating at times.

Looking for a job can be a hard task, and the process is unique to every individual. There is no one formula to suit everyone looking for a job. A great recruiter will understand this and apply methods to bring out the best in you.

Creating a partnership with a recruitment agent that takes the time to encourage and support you in your job hunt can be a God-send. Aside from using their network to find you a great job, they can also help you with:

•    Preparing your resume for maximum impact
•    Filling out forms and paperwork for the potential employer
•    Advice on appearance, professional styling, speech, and body language
•    Post-interview briefings and advice to help you move forward
•    Support and encouragement during the job-seeking process
•    They might also have some less-conventional and original tips suited just for you to get hired

Why are these points so important?

Before you even think about applying for that job, it is important to make sure your resume is in-check and aligns with what the company is looking for. A good recruiter will read over it with you, give you constructive feedback, and help you make the necessary changes so your resume doesn’t get lost in translation. They can also help you write up a brilliant cover letter to get you over the line.

The forms and paperwork some employers ask you to fill out can be frustrating and confusing. Your recruiter can help you to complete the forms correctly and thoroughly. They have much experience with this sort of thing, so they can guide you right through the process and suggest possible answers.

Sometimes just suiting up for an interview is not enough. First impressions count, and if you fail here it can cost you the job. A great recruiter knows the jobs you are applying for, and how you need to come across to nail the interviews. Your appearance, as well your styling, how you speak, and your body language, are all important to making the best impression possible on your potential employer.

Body language in particular is a big factor. You should always keep your shoulders back, sit upright, and avoid crossing your arms so you appear open and interested to the employer. It also a great idea to keep an eye on the interviewers body language as an indication of how you are going during the job interview.
After the all-important interview, your recruiter can help facilitate the response you receive back from the potential employer. You don’t have to be afraid that you will never hear from them again, your recruiter will make sure that you do. And don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make it past the interview. A great recruiter will find for you exactly why so that you can improve in the future.

Interviews are also changing shape in all industries, with Skype interviews becoming more popular, interviews in-front of panels, and group interviews in resurgence. Working with a recruiter means you can benefit from exclusive tips on how to work these interviews to your best advantage.

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