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hire-meHere is one of those hard to find entrepreneurial business person that has the vision, drive and passion to be a real asset to your team.  This candidate has Real Estate in their blood having been involved in all aspects of the Real Estate industry over the last 10 years.

This includes setting up a rent roll from scratch, experience as a business owner, experience in sales, office management as well as having the ability to be able to run a team at the highest levels. As well as this, they have the rare skill of being able to focus on getting it right the “first’ time is a rare skill as well having the ability to be able to look at the operational side of the business and see what is needed to be done and then implementing this.

If you are looking for a relationship developer, someone to get in and get the job done and need perhaps that right hand person then this candidate is for you.

To find out more and have a meeting set up for you contact Nikki Taylor on 0414 624 521 or Richard Taylor on 0414 581 472 1300 219 anytime.

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