MJ b&wUnfortunately in recruitment, we hear too many stories about candidates being treated badly – Once they have accepted a job offer that’s it! The support ceases and they don’t hear from their recruiter again. At REJS, we like to do things a little a lot more different than the rest.

We understand the stress that comes along with changing jobs, interviewing and finding a career that makes you happy and fits into your lifestyle. From the first phone call with a candidate, we endeavour to get to know that person and it becomes a priority for us to find that person the perfect position for them. If we don’t currently have a job going that matches their criteria, we will seek to find an Employer who is looking for just what they are offering. We offer support to our candidates right throughout the interview process.

By the stage our candidate are presented with a job offer, they are like part of the REJS  team and sometimes we think we get even more excited than them! That phone call to say ‘you got the job’ is the most rewarding part of our job and hearing the response on the other end of the phone is the reason we LOVE what we do!

At REJS, it doesn’t end there. For the first three months of the candidate’s new role, we contact them weekly  or fortnightly to ensure all is going well and remind them that we are only a phone call away should they need any advice, mentoring or just someone to talk to. In the unfortunate case that the job is not meeting their expectations, we will do all we can to improve the situation for the candidate until they are enjoying their job as much as we enjoy ours.

When it comes down to it – There is no recruitment without candidates – so it has us baffled how some agencies think it’s okay to forget about candidates and we do everything we can to remove that stigma.
We enjoy hearing from our candidates anytime – Whether they have been in a job five minutes or five years. The REJS team are all about building relationships that last.

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