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donttreatcandidateascommodity“Brilliant, another ten candidates have applied for the role. I’ll be able to send them out to another 15 potential employers. Given the typical ratios, I should get at least five interviews – maybe a placement if I am lucky. All with a magical click of the send button! Hahaha…..”

Whilst a slight exaggeration, there is a perception that many recruiters think this way. Candidates don’t feel that their needs are being understood, and clients are inundated by speculative CVs that are way off the mark. Throw enough of them out there, and some will stick…. so the saying goes.

The CV is a perfect tool for this lazy purpose. Theoretically it is detailed enough to understand whether a candidate is a reasonable fit, and it can easily mask the fact that a recruiter has only had a five-minute chat with the candidate. “Is it the right location, right money, right level, right industry? Yes, ok, great, let’s send your CV across and see what happens.”

When the CV gets to the hiring company, some recruiters almost wash their hands of the process. CV sent. Job done. Any further communication is down to the potential employer, and it is their job to dig further and uncover all the hidden issues.

Recruiters like this turn our industry into a meat market. They may well be in the minority, but, as the saying goes “perception is reality,” and candidates can be made to feel like a piece of meat, their CV passed from potential employer to potential employer.

How do we stop this?

Well, we at REJS use the CV in a different way. In our candidate interviews, we use it to get to a candidate’s true motivations. To understand not just what they have achieved, but what makes them tick, how they make decisions and what factors allow them to perform at their best. We use it to get to know them.

We don’t send CVs to our clients to ascertain initial fit. No, we really don’t.

We are trusted partners for our clients – we know their job requirements in detail and we partner closely with our candidates, so the initial matching exercise takes place at our end. When we suggest a candidate for an interview, the client trusts the strength of our recommendation and personal written report, rather than a mass produced CV which may hide certain nuances relevant for a particular role.

We will, of course, send them the CV so that they can use it in their interviews, but by that point the client has a far more rounded picture of the candidate than just their CV. At REJS, we choose to represent the candidate, not just representing their CV as many others might.

This takes time. It is hard work. We’ll kiss lots of frogs to get to the prince (no offence intended frogs). But it is part of our DNA – we believe in treating people like people and not like pieces of meat to be traded to the highest bidder.

The satisfaction of placing a candidate who would not otherwise have been interviewed on the strength of their CV is the ultimate test of our process. Here is where the individual approach reaps it rewards – and it happens a lot.

So…. Look past the CV. Take the time to dig deeper. Oh, and make sure your recruiters do the same.

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