meet_the_teamEver wondered how the team at REJS continues to be the number 1 authority in Property Manager Recruitment? Our consistent, recruitment approach and strategy of sourcing Property Management professionals as a perfect  match will not be possible without the whole team behind REJS. Who are we? Find out more about each member of the REJS team.


REJS Specialist: Nikki

What I do at REJS as part of the team: I have the absolute privilege of being one of the directors at REJS and my role is the Recruitment Specialist managing all recruitment strategies’ for Real Estate offices and Onsite Managements. I source Property Managers, Department Managers, Office Managers and Onsite & Complex  Managers throughout Australia.

Fun things you like to do: Walking in the sun, beach walking anywhere the surf is up – the sounds of waves are so inspiring – catching a picture of the sunrise every single day on the water and enjoying a sunset over a red wine; dining on our very own rooftop balcony with city views; taking time out in a rain forest; enjoying weekends away on the spare of the moment. Another love of mine is Fashion and I run a fashion page on Facebook that is shared by man to upload street fashion anytime.

My favourite food: Anything green, I’m a green juice lover, I prefer not to eat processed food and love anything fresh from the markets. Calamari and Salmon would be one of my favourites as well. Love a good New Zealand Red Wine too.

My best holiday: Hanging out for 10 days in Paris over Christmas in 2013. Yes it was cold but I got to wear Boots, scarf, my French coat. Being a Queenslander we don’t get to wear these items.

What is my best & favourite quote: “Screw it just do it “– thank you to Richard Branson

My Best moment: Raising my two sons – Adam and Sam so proud to stand back now look how gorgeous they are and have become.

My worst moment: Losing my mum when she was only 65 years old, too young.

A little more about  you: I am of high energy, positive attitude every single day. I get up by 5.15 every day and this will need to be earlier in the summer as the sun rises in Queensland at 4.30 am.  I fit in so much every day and enjoy life to the max. I am married to Richard, we work together and make a great partnership team personally and in business. I love to motivate others and be a mentor to people in need.


REJS Specialist: Richard

What I do at REJS as part of the team: Recruitment Specialist and Director at REJS – the sought after recruitment specialists for all roles in Property management – Australia wide.

Fun things you like to do: Watch funny movies and great comedians, play practical jokes (sometimes they backfire though!)

My favorite food: Any hot (chilli) food is good by me. Generally anything that is healthy and not processed though.

My best holiday: Travelling through France, Italy and Greece for the first time.

What is my best & favourite quote: “It’s only money”

My Best moment: Being responsible for the growing years of 4 fantastic children and being able to be a positive influence on their lives in those early stages.

My Worst moment: Losing too many people that we love too early in life, my mother and Nicki’s mum.

A little more about you: I live in Brisbane beside the river and get to enjoy million dollar views across the Brisbane skyline, especially at night. I am married to the most amazing lady Nikki Taylor and we have had the privilege of working with some awesome people in the time that we have been running the REJS team.


REJS Specialist: Emily

What I do at REJS as part of the team: REJS Specialist

Fun things you like to do: Family time with the kids, café’s, anything active like walks on the beach, playing sport. I have done kickboxing for 7 years in total as a martial art.

My favourite food: Yummy juices, café food. I mainly eat “clean” so mostly fruit and vegetables.

My best holiday: Central Otago NZ at Christmas, clean lakes, hot sun, local wines and fresh fruit combined with my partner’s family – just amazing!

What is my best & favourite quote: “What you think about you bring about” but there are so many to choose from!

My Best moment: Every single day! We are so blessed and happy. If I had to choose, it would be getting on the plane to Australia or having my beautiful babies!

My Worst moment: I lost my two best friends early in life – both very hard to deal with.

A little more about you : I have studied Dance both contemporary and modern for 3 years. My favourite sport to watch is MMA!
I love the water – it’s very calming and has healing powers.
I am a huge believer in the power of a higher being but think you can put whatever name you want to on it, if you believe in yourself and others while being positive and focusing on what it is you really want whilst being a good person – good things will come!


REJS Specialist: MJ

What I do at REJS as part of the team: REJS Support

Fun things you like to do: Dancing, singing, listening to music

My favourite food: Pork and Vegetables in Tamarind Broth

My best holiday: Spending Christmas and New Year Season with my family

What is my best & favourite quote: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

My Best moment: When I became a mum 6 years ago

My Worst moment: When I lost my mum 5 years ago

A little more about you : I am a nurse by profession but I chose to work from home as team support for REJS because of the opportunity to take care of my family whilst earning for a living and working with a great boss and team! I see myself in this career for a very long time. I used to play drums and bass guitar in a band I had back in college and I am a firm advocate of breastfeeding.


REJS Specialist: Lui

What I do at REJS as part of the team: Team Support

Fun things you like to do: Singing, Watching feel-good movies

My favourite food: Filipino Style Spaghetti

My best holiday: Every holiday spent with my family is the best for me.

What is my best & favourite quote: Everything happens for a reason.

My Best moment: When I became a mum

My Worst moment: When I lost my mum

A little more about you: I’m a single mom with 19 months old daughter named Tiffany. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I love to dance, sing, and recite nursery rhymes with my daughter.

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