decisionmaking*This article is inspired by Ram Castillo’s article entitled “Should you stay in your job or should you go?.” Ram is an award winning Senior Designer, Art Director, Blogger and Author from Sydney, Australia.

There will come a time that you will have an internal struggle – whether you stay in your current job, or switch to a new one.

As to most people, the usual reason for leaving a job is because of the money, a job that offers a higher pay. We all know that that is already a given.

But today, let’s skip the money matters and find other reasons why you should stay or leave your current job.
Whether you’ll stay or leave, you have to carefully weigh the pros and the cons. With this article, let us help you come up with a solid decision.

Why you need to stay

An opportunity for promotion. Yes, staying in your current job will give you an opportunity for promotion; most especially if you are an excellent worker in your company.

You may have been thinking of leaving your current job, but your company might also be thinking of the betterment of your career through a promotion.

Why not use this chance to level up your career? Tell your boss that you have plans for switching to another company. If your boss doesn’t want you to leave, use that golden opportunity to negotiate for a promotion.
It is very flattering if your company says it needs you. It means that you are a great employee. An outstanding worker deserves anything from his workplace that lets him continuously grow.

If you feel that a promotion is necessary, convince your employer. Make him realize that you are really valuable in that company and your loss would really mean a lot. Tell him what you want, and if your boss agrees, then is there any reason for you to leave?

But first, start asking yourself. Would you like to spend more of years in your current company and go on with the promotion (if granted)? Would your current company give you the chance to have a brighter future?

Passing your resignation papers should not be unplanned. Resigning also involves careful planning and a lot of consideration. Usually, before you quit your current job, you have already set your eyes to a new workplace for you to have a fresh start – and this should be a lot better than your current job.

However, if your current company is able to make you feel more satisfied by offering you a promotion, wouldn’t it be better to grab the opportunity? This would challenge you to do a more challenging position while you hone your skills and make room for improvement.

Your colleagues. Another reason for staying in your current job is because of your colleagues. Why bother consider them? If you have already jumped from one work to another, you would know that it’s not always easy to find a workplace that shares your personality and values.

No matter how perfect your resume is, or how experienced you are, it does not mean that you’ll always be picked among the other applicants. Sometimes, your employer would hire you based on your character.
Would you also like to work in a company with grumpy people? Sure, the pay is good but you could not bear to be with your colleagues. Enjoying the company of your colleagues plays a big role on your daily work, too.

It’s better to stay in your current company if you have like-minded colleagues. Working with like-minded individuals makes your work feel more comfortable and enjoyable. This also helps you to grow; you learn and grow more efficiently while working with good people.

If you decided to stay because of your colleagues, this would reflect that you are loyal to the company and that you are able to commit long-term. Strengthening the work relationship between your colleagues might open to a better job opportunity you’ll never know.

It’s still fulfilling. When working, you experience a sense of fulfillment. To work for a company that still provides you to learn and develop new things is worth staying.

Dedicated employees always want to improve themselves. If they feel that there’s nothing new to learn anymore, they soon grow tired of their work and are wanting to leave.

So how do you know if your current job is still rewarding? Ask these questions to yourself:
•    Am I still learning something new?
•    Am I still able to hone or develop my skills?
•    Is there anyone who could still guide me to further develop my skills?
•    Am I also given the chance to guide others, too?
•    Can I still contribute to the company?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then your current job still rewards you to grow as a better employee. If you still feel fulfilled, then this reason is enough for you not to switch to another job.

Why you need to go

You want to be challenged. Living a monotonous life is definitely boring. This also applies to your workplace. If there isn’t something new, you feel bored; hence, making you want to switch to another job.
People innately want variety. If what you do is always the same in your office, this could make you want to look for a new job that’s more challenging. Having this mentality would help you to open new doors of opportunity. But if your current job restricts you to do that, it is time for you to go.

Being challenged lets you further develop your skills and abilities. Switching to another job would give you the opportunity to test your abilities that you have learned in your previous jobs. This is an exciting experience for every worker.

Exploration of new opportunities is not a bad thing. Why would you let yourself be stuck in a company that doesn’t help you discover new grounds for improvement? Staying in your current job would only pull you down; you would feel bored and your dedication towards work might be lessened due to an unsatisfying job conditions.

Build connections. If you decided to stay in your current job, you won’t get the chance to further increase your professional network. Connecting and building professional relationship plays a big role to your success.

Most employers prefer to hire employees based on referrals or recommendations. It’s easier on the employer’s part to hire referred applicants since there is already someone who would attest to the applicant’s real capabilities.

If you have stayed on your job for about 2-4 years, it is alright for you to explore new opportunities and meet new people. Build a professional and friendly relationship among your co-workers or even your employers; they might just be the ones who could lead you to a better job opportunity.

New workplace environment.  Going to work using the same route, watching the same scenery everyday could make you bored and exhausted; hence, leading to an unproductive work. This might only seem to be a minor issue to some, but it could definitely impact your enthusiasm towards work.

If there is a company that is in close proximity at your home, of course, you would be tempted to seek a job there rather commuting everyday to your current job which is miles away from your home.

It’s not bad to long for a new air of workplace environment. If you think that leaving your company would help you become more enthusiastic towards work, then it’s alright to find a new company to work for.

Remember that whichever you choose, you have to weigh all the consequences. Would you stay or leave? It’s totally up to you. Choose the best decision that won’t leave you any regrets.

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