self developmentMore often than not these days we are hearing that employees are wanting get more training, support, mentoring and that old favourite “self development”.

The question is who is responsible for this. My take on this is that the individual must be prepared to do a certain amount of this as the title suggests “self” not company or manager or licensee. Too often we hear candidates say that this is an area where the company should be paying for the candidates development. Certainly the company should look at training and systems and so forth – but to ask them to pay to make you a better person, to get you to change your lifestyle and change the way you think – I don’t think so.

Take control of your own life and be responsible for making a difference to you and your life and this will ultimately pay you back ten fold, get out there and find out who can assist you in growing as a person, read books, watch videos and go to seminars that you pay for yourself. Why not even get a really good coach to work through this with you. If you research all of the people that are “self” made you will see a common thread in their lives, they went out, learnt what they had to learn, made mistakes on the way but ultimately they were responsible for making themselves better at what they did and are still responsible for improving themselves to this day.

There is a common school of thought that everyone regardless of what you do or who you work for, is that you should spend 10% of your income on yourself in the form of self development or self promotion, you may feel that this does not apply to you or someone that does what you do for a living. This is where I disagree as why should an employer pay you to be a better you so that you can then leave and go and work for someone else, that’s just nuts! Most people never do this and this is why they are where they are today, wherever that is in their lives.

So please don’t push the responsibility on to your employer or future employer where it doesn’t belong, take control of who develops you (this is you) and go out there and make a difference.

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