EmilyWhat is your current position and how did you find this?
–   Chinese Business Development Manager
–   I found this via the recommendation from Ms. Emily Morgan, Recruitment Specialist from REJS.

How did you find the experience of dealing with REJS?
* Recruitment Specialist: Emily Morgan
   –   Passionate : willing to discover the best aspects of myself;
   –   Well organized : frequent updates, time management, meetings and interviews;
   –   Reliable : she brings the results ( number and quality of interviews);
   –   Strongly recommended : I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to everyone who needs recruitment support. She is the best I have met to date.

* Supporting Team
  –   Efficient: pick up the phone call and pass the message to recruitment specialist;
  –   Customer oriented: social media advertisement (ie. Facebook) + job openings email updates

Would you use the REJS service again if you needed to?
–   DEFINITELY. And I would love to recommend REJS to all my professional friends.

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