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benefitsThe greatest benefit in using an agency is finding Property Management talent fast as well as sourcing the best of the best that may be available.

Most proactive recruitment agencies should have large active databases, which when they are well maintained, provide a candidate-sourcing channel that cannot be matched by advertising on any job board.

Since 2009, all REJS Australia clients and candidates have been well communicated with through our data base and this is an ongoing part of staying in touch with both candidates and clients. Since 2011, 100% of the candidates that we have placed into Real Estate agencies have come from our data base of talent, as REJS stopped using job boards back in 2011. REJS candidates are referred to us by other REJS candidates and clients, yes clients, related industry referrals as well as social media channels and the team knows that the majority of these candidates are not looking at job boards to find them THE position.

By using a proactive specialist recruiter you will save time and money and you will gain access to a much broader talent pool than you would through advertising on traditional job boards.

Consider the following when recruiting yourself … the costs of phone calls, writing adverts, paying for advertising space, time spent sifting through resumes, data entry, interviewing too many inappropriate candidates, reference checking, negotiating, and managing the process with multiple candidates and potential internal stakeholders.

At REJS, the team knows that we can deliver better Property Management talent, faster and with PASSION to get the right fit for both Candidate and Client. Why not call to find out how today? – 1300 219 522 anytime.

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